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New Arrivals For June 2015

We’ve just got in two great new prints, and restock on an old favourite! Cherry Dot and Haunted Gallery are our newest prints from Michael Miller, as well we’ve got the fantastic Nevermore Collage print from Michael Miller back in as well!

Also, be sure to check out the June edition of Burda Style, hot off the presses. Lots of great looks for your summer sewing, plus some awesome looks for teens this month. Check it out!





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What We’re Working On – Retro Baby

Well, the snow has finally melted here, and spring has really sprung. It was time to whip up some spring-y/summer-y wear for my daughter.

The tunic top/dress is made from the Michael Miller – Tammis Keefe Contented Cats in Mustard. This fabric is a lovely linen/cotton blend and is cool for the spring/summer. I didn’t use a pattern for this, it’s just a basic pillowcase dress, there’s a million tutorials out there for them. The pants are made from the Siena Cloth in cream. This is a nice, light bottom weight, perfect for warmer days. The pants were just made from a basic elastic waist baby pants pattern. The top is long enough that it can be worn as a dress on it’s own, as well!

As an added note, the pillows on the couch were made from Alexander Henry’s Nicoles Prints – Tiki Lounge and Michael Miller – Dumb Dot in Avocado (for the piping)

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What We’re Working On – Tailored Placemats

Welcome to the slightly delayed, first installment of What We’re Working On!

Today, I have a bit of a tutorial for making placemats with heavy weight interfacing instead of fleece/quilt batting. This gives the placemats a more tailored look.

The fabrics I am using are Michael Miller’s Kitschy Cocktails and Fashion Solids in Vine Green.

To start, pick what dimensions you’d like your placemat to be, and add an inch for seam allowances. My starting size is 13.5″ x 20″, but you can pick whatever you like – there’s really no standard dimension for placemats.

You will need to cut three pieces for each placemat – your front, your back, and your interfacing. Your interfacing piece will be cut 1/2″ smaller than the other pieces on one side – you will see why later.

Sandwich your pieces all together. Your front and your back should be right sides facing each other, and then your interfacing should be on top of that. Pin together.

When sewing these together, start at the edge that you’ve made half an inch shorter. However, don’t start right at the edges of your fabric, but instead start where the interfacing starts. Sew around, leaving the edge with the shorter interfacing open.

Now, on the edges that you’ve sewn, you want to trim your interfacing as close to your stitching as possible. This will eliminate bulk in the seam allowance. You’ll also want to clip the corners.

Now, time for some pressing. On the unsewn edge with the shorter interfacing, you are going to turn the top layer of fabric over this by 1/2″ and press.

Flip the placemat over, and press the unsewn edge down 1/2″ on this side as well.

Once you’ve pressed both sides down, you can now turn your placemat right side out

After that, all that’s left to do is top stitch around the edges, give the placemat a final press, and you’re done!